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I empower new and seasoned engineers to level-up their skills,
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Stephanie Stampher


I would not be where I am today as a software engineer without Preston's mentorship and guidance.


Jean Leconte II


I've learned a ton from Preston and recommend if anyone reading this has the opportunity to work with him in any capacity they should take it!


Hugo Campos


I am continuously impressed by Preston's ability to convince newer coders to keep soldiering on. He provides a positive energy that tends to boost morale.


Laurence Parmentier-Reeds


Preston's passion for coding and teaching really translate into his instruction method. He is definitely a great teacher and mentor.


Preston is always thorough in his explanations and demonstrates great technical competency.


Yahya Hafez


Preston's impressive experience and skill as a developer was consistently highlighted through the deep knowledge of web development he shared.


Preston is a thoughtful instructor who strives to see his students succeed. He is always happy to work with students at their pace, and help them gain thorough understanding of the curriculum.


Tilly Wright


Preston's instruction and lessons were really easy to follow as I was building JS projects.


Sal Guerrero


Preston helped me understand critical programming concepts and further my programming skills. As a result of his teaching I was able to break into tech and find the career of my dreams.


Bienvenido Rodriguez


Preston is a gifted Software Engineer and a thought leader in technical education, training, and communication.

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Easy to Follow

All of the learning. None of the angst.

Say goodbye to confusing lessons and hello to a simple and beginner-friendly experience with Preston's online coding videos.

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Join the Coding Revolution! Get ahead of the game with Preston's clear and concise lessons that leave out the fluff and get straight to the point.

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Learn coding with a passion, don't hate it with one.

Get inspired and motivated with Preston's passionate teaching style and fun, friendly voice that makes coding a fun and engaging experience.

Master the Mindset

Unlock Your Inner Coding Genius

Learn from a true expert with Preston's years of experience in the industry and gain valuable tips and tricks that will help you code with confidence.

Fun Videos

Exciting lessons that are fun and Engaging

Get excited about coding with Preston's fun and engaging videos that are packed with real-world examples and exercises to help you learn by doing.

Prepare for Coding Interviews

Boost Your Career Options with a Job-Ready Education

Get ahead of the competition with Preston's in-depth and comprehensive video lessons that are packed with real-world examples and exercises to prepare you for the job.

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    A Step-by-Step Guide to deploying to AWS Lambda - with Code Samples!

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    A Practical Example of Improved Code Scalability and Maintainability